Software Based Vs Hardware Based – Software License Protection

Software Authorization Aegis is agency the aegis band-aid area software developers use to accommodate into their software applications with the ambition to anticipate crooked acceptance or actionable beheading of their software. Software developers can either acquirement Software Authorization Aegis solutions from third affair band-aid providers or advance it in-house. Currently, there are 2 accepted Software Authorization Aegis methods, i.e. Software based and Accouterments based.

Software based Software Authorization Aegis is the ancient aegis adjustment accessible and usually the adequate appliance will crave user to key in Serial No., Authorization Key or Unlock Code to actuate the software license. A lot of of the third affair Software Authorization Aegis provider will accommodate a accessible fabricated encryption engine of which software developers can use this to encrypt their software applications as to add the aegis band assimilate their software applications. Usually, the aegis will tie with some altered ID from the computer arrangement such as Hard Disk ID or Arrangement Card ID. Aswell due to this reason, usually if there is any accouterments botheration such as Hard Disk or Arrangement Card spoiled, authorization re-activation will be needed. It will aswell agency the Software Developers will charge to accumulate clue and verify the Authorization Key copy appeal from the end users, of which some end users ability try to yield advantage on it. As Software based Aegis do not appear with any added devices, it will accept to abundance all the licensing advice into the computer arrangement and mostly adumbrate it central registry.


- Lower buying amount

Most apparently it is cheaper than Accouterments based in continued run if you acquirement from third affair provider with one-off acquirement (without authorization adherence model).

- Easier to apparatus

Usually it comes with bound aegis appearance and appropriately the accomplishing can be easier.


- Lower aegis

As Software based can alone abundance and adumbrate all the aegis advice into the computer system, it will appear with college accident as hackers are able to acquisition those advice calmly and conceivably able it.

- Too abased on computer accouterments

Most Software based protections are too computer accouterments abased and appropriately if any computer accouterments problem, reinstallation or authorization reactivation will be required. There are aswell possibilities some end users will try to yield advantage of it by requesting added authorization keys for added workstations instead.

Hardware based Software Authorization Aegis is now the a lot of accepted aegis adjustment area the end user will crave to bung in the accurate accouterments accessory to the computer in adjustment to run the application. Third affair provider will advertise the accessories which is frequently alleged Dongles calm with software SDK for software developers to do the integration. Usually for Accouterments based Software Authorization Protection, end user will not crave to key in any Serial No., Authorization Key nor Unlock Code, just bung in the Dongle and run the application, the aegis will accredit the authorization through Dongle. There are abounding altered forms of Dongles accessible in the bazaar and the a lot of avant-garde Dongles are now congenital based on MCU Smart Card of which it is able to accommodate actual best aegis and appropriately achieve hacking about impossible. As now, software developers are able to actuate your software licenses with their Dongles appropriately achieve software administration abundant easier and added secure.


-Higher aegis

A acceptable Dongle can accommodate actual best aegis if software developers apparatus it in the appropriate way. As Software developers not alone able abundance the authorization advice central the Dongle but aswell able to achieve abounding others aegis appearance onboard of which it will absolutely achieve hacking added difficult. The lasted MCU Smart Card based Dongles will achieve hacking such aegis like hacking our EMV Credit Cards, at atomic it is absurd with today hacking technology.

-Better software administration

With Dongle, software developers will be able to deliver their software as ready-pack artefact and appropriately achieve abounding altered software administration models possible.


-Higher amount per authorization

As the adequate software will charge to deliver calm with Dongle, it will add into the software costing as well.

-Compatibility affair

Some Dongle ability accept some affinity botheration to assertive ambiance such as altered OS, altered arrangement settings or even altered firewall configuration. Choosing the accurate and acclaimed Dongle will be able to annihilate such issue.

Different software developers ability accept altered preferences on selecting either Software based or Accouterments based Software Authorization Aegis into their software applications. The accepted factors access their decisions are as below:-

Total Amount of Buying

-This will cover all-embracing investment on access such aegis adjustment which can be the Initial amount to obtain, amount to accommodate and amount per software license. A lot of importantly, will the best taken accommodate absolute acknowledgment on investment.

Time to Roll-Out

-Overall accomplishing time, will this aegis affect the software cycle out agenda or will the affiliation absorb too abundant of our assets to achieve it. A acceptable aegis action should acquisition the appropriate antithesis point a part of this consideration.


-How able can the aegis adjustment action adjoin the abeyant blackmail of getting pirated, usually college amount software ability crave college aegis aegis again low amount accumulation bazaar software.

Business Archetypal

-Whether the aegis adjustment can best clothing into their all-embracing business archetypal of which will cover artefact distribution, artefact pricing, licensing administration and of advance business activities.

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